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TA0012 Gittin

$40.00 CD
$31.00 Download


We are now offering the sale of a mp3 player together with the entire Shas preloaded onto a micro-chip, for an additional $120. Another option is to just order the micro-chip (with Shas preloaded) for an additional $80.

Are you tired of starting the daf yomi engine/regimen, every seven years, and then “running out of gas” due to time consuming responsibilities? Are you up to reviewing a mesecta in just 2-3 days? If the answer is yes, we have the shiur for you. The MasterDaf shiur features a concise explanation that allows one to navigate an entire daf (2 sides) in about 20 minutes.

Every word of the Gemara is read, translated and explained clearly inside, with Rashi weaved into the explanation.

Used by both beginners and Roshei Yeshivos.

Especially effective for Daf Yomi preparation and review and to “catch up”, if one fell behind.