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Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a number of projects that await sponsorship.

Master Chumash, Master Rashi, Master Targum on Sefer Shmos, VaYikra and Bamidbar are available.

  1. One parsha /$1,000
  2. An entire Sefer /$8,000
  3. All three (Chumash, Rashi, Targum) /$18,000 per Sefer


Master Tosfos, awaits sponsorship on every mesechta besides Kiddushin.

  1. An entire Mesechta /$25,000
  2. One blatt /$350


Master Rashi on Shas

  1. One blatt /$250
  2. An entire mesecta /$25,000


Master Tehillim

  1. One perek /$300
  2. As of now 20 perakim are taken


Sifrei Mussar

There is a list of Sefarim awaiting sponsorship:

  1. Akdamus
  2. Ahavas Chesed by the Chafetz Chayim
  3. Chovas Shmira by the Chafetz Chaim
  4. Even Shlaima
  5. Nefesh HaChaim Shaar 4
  6. Orchos HaChayim LehaRosh
  7. Shaar Simcha from Orchos Tzaddikim
  8. Shaar HaTorah from Orchos Tzaddikim
  9. Sfas Tamim by the Chafetz Chaim
  10. Zechor LaMiryam by the Chafetz Chaim

Sponsorship varies between $1-3,000 per sefer

*All amounts mentioned are negotiable