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Suggested Uses

Here are some tips for getting the maximum out of the MASTER TT SERIES projects

Master Daf which features the 20 minute daf has been used by many as a way to finally handle the grueling daf hayomi schedule. This has been borne out by the many phone calls from people who finished shas-daf yomi with Master Daf

This was accomplished in one of many ways:

  1. as a prepratory shiur before the typical daf yomi shiur
  2. as a chazara shiur after the daf yomi
  3. as a way to catch up for several days missed

Master Daf

Master Daf has been used by many as:

  • a chance to review an entire mesecta in a few days
  • a chance to review/learn shas in a year and a third, investing 90 minutes a day
  • a way to cover a mesecta for a siyum/yartzeit in under 5 hours (Horeyos, for example, is a 4 1/2 hour mesechta)
  • a way to utilize the ten minute car ride to the store/shul/school to review an amud

Master Mishna

Master Mishna features many mesechtos which can be :learned in 90 minutes or less and has been used as a chazara tool. Someone told me that on a trip from Tel Aviv to NY he reviewed Mesecta Sukka 10 times For the Shiva/Shloshim. This can be particularly helpful for those who are learning Mishnayos for the soul of the departed.

Master Mishna Brura – two versions.

Master Mishna Brura features a 25 minute daf (2 sides) For those learning an amud-yomi program, 12 minutes a day should suffice for covering one side of a page.

Master Mishna Brura offers an abridged version, which features a 10 minute daf (two sides) and is excellent for reviewing large amounts for a test.

Master Mussar

Master Mussar offers the Sefer Chofetz Chayim and Shmiras Halashon divided into sound files that fit the daily schedule recommended by Rav Segal zt`l, Manchester Rosh Yeshiva. 10-15 minutes a day can turn a nice walk into a way to keep up with this all important seder.

Master Mussar offers many Sifrei Mussar in 10 hours or less. It seems that there is a phenomenon of people starting a mussar sefer, but not being able to complete it. This series will, bezras Hashem, be a wonderful aid for the completion. I was recently told by a friend using our series, that for the first time he was able to complete Mesilas Yesharim.

Master Chumash

Master Chumash offers Rashi-outside, blending Rashi into the translation of the posuk. This can turn the mitzva of Shnayim Mikra into a 1 hour affair per parsha. (This is according to the Poskim that one can use Rashi to fullfill the Targum-obligation).

Master Targum

For those who prefer the Targum Onkelos, and would like to understand what they are saying, we offer a clear english translation, again roughly one hour per parsha.

Master Rashi

For those who want to taste Rashi inside, but are frustrated by time constraints or difficult Rashi`s, we offer a clear concise elucidation in 2-3 hours per parsha.

Master Tosfos

Master Tosfos introduces new opportunites for the daf yomi faithful. Often, people skip Tosfos since they find it so daunting to delve into - on a tight schedule. This series can turn Tosfos into a reality.

With an average size Tosfos taking 5 minutes, one can start with 2 Tosfos per blatt, eventually building up as time and energy allows.