About Rabbi Kosman

Rabbi Avrohom Kosman is a Lecturer in a major Torah institution in Israel and is also the voice behind the shiurim on this web site.

Rabbi Kosman grew up in Frederick, Maryland where his father served as the only rabbi in town and the Kosmans as the only observant family in the community. Having a Shabbos table with thirty or forty guests was the norm for the Kosmans, and Avrohom grew up feeling a keen sense of responsiblity to the Jewish people. In his late teens he founded Camp Shoresh, a kiruv camp in Frederick (now Adamstown) that currently introduces Judaism to over three hundred children from surrounding areas.

After his marriage, Rabbi Kosman moved to Bnei Brak and has spent the last thirty some years, deeply involved in intense Torah study. His diverse background together with his vast Torah knowledge have made him a sought after figure in the field of counseling, with clientele ranging from troubled teens to couples looking for marriage guidance. He uses his understanding of the Enneagram System of personality types and other “unorthodox” tools (i.e. drum therapy ) to connect with his clients , and people come from all over the country to seek advice. Being a father of eleven children k.a.h., he has had ample opportunity to practice his unique chinuch approach which combines an ability to accept people for who they are, whereever they are , as well as to goad them lovingly into fulfilling their potential.

Years of family counseling have produced a unique CD called TimeOut, that has helped countless people start their day with an new burst of energy and enthusiasm, giving them an added zest for life.

In recent years, Rabbi Kosman has been visiting America for a combined lecture and fundraising circuit. He has coined a unique speaking style which combines his colorful personality and musical abilities with his vast Torah knowledge and deep understanding of human nature to produce a lecture he calls the “Ballad“. In this medium, Rabbi Kosman expresses deep concepts through story and song and manages to touch hearts, minds and souls. At his Tisha B`Av Ballad in Baltimore, he draws crowds of hundreds of people who wish to begin their T` Bav with some unique inspiration.

There are few people who are as comfortable in the hallowed halls of Slabodka Yeshiva in the holy city of Bnei Brak as they are talking with American Jews who might have little affiliation with Judaism. Rabbi Kosman’s ability to see that special spark in every Jew and coax it to life, is what makes him so beloved to the many people who have been touched by him.