Since the year 2000rs Rabbi Kosman has been an integral part of many lives as they search for life skills in three particular areas:

  1. Marriage
  2. Chinuch
  3. Personality Development

In the marriage arena Rabbi Kosman has helped a wide array of couples.  He has helped those who have a no-action spouse capable of sleeping away their day as well as those who have a spouse who steamroll them to the point that they feel more comfortable out of the house then in.

In the chinuch arena Rabbi Kosman has helped people with children that verbally abuse their parents and rebel at any hint of parental limits, as well as people who have children who have stopped communicating, and “turned off” to a relationship with their parents.

In the personality arena Rabbi Kosman has helped hundreds of people scale down expectations of others and discover their own hidden potential.  He accomplishes this using the Enneagram System, which can often be used to help people discover what they are truly looking for in a spouse.

For cases of depression and anxiety, in addition to working with a psychiatrist, Rabbi Kosman has discovered that these conditions can be greatly alleviated through simple awareness of self and personal destiny. When a person becomes more self aware and understands his strengths and weaknesses, he has the ability to strengthen his emotional muscles to find direction in life.

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